Robbie McKenzie
Lead Vocal / Acoustic Guitar / Storyteller

The Essence of the MBB is Robbie McKenzie. He guides the audience from one tale to another and keeps folks laughing for the whole show!
Add in singing, playing and dancing with the band and the show is complete.

Steve McKenzie
Lead Guitar / backing vocals

Whether country, rock or folk, Steve gives everything he has to every song from start to finish. And if you don’t believe he plays behind his head just ask him- he’ll show ya!

Donny Buchholz

Keeping everybody on track is drummer, Donny Buchholz. With a rock-n-roll background, Donny drives the engine of the MBB. He’ll make you move and groove and dance all night!

Dan Jordan

Holding down the bottom end is the amazingly talented Dan Jordan. Thumping to the rock beat or winding through jazzy riffs-it don’t get no better than this!
The Master of the ‘Dramatic Effect of Lowness’

Maybe Tomorrow // The Mckenzie Brothers - Live & Learn
  1. Maybe Tomorrow // The Mckenzie Brothers - Live & Learn
  2. Tree Of Life // John Doe - The New Moon
  3. Harmonics // Mark Spender - Say Nothing
  4. Fight No More // Ten Second - Hundred Miles
  5. I’m Sixteen Until I Die // Ten Second - Hundred Miles