Bright Ideas

Best of the Pines 2019

Best Local Musician – Group–Thanks to everyone for voting for us! We love the music scene in this area and we appreciate all of the... Read More
October 2019

Bright Ideas

You’ve heard them at the shows now you can ponder them at home…………. •    men are like mascara..they run at the first sign of emotion... Read More
February 2017

New MBB Website

Welcome to the newly renovated McKenzie Brothers Band website! Keep up with all of our shows, new music, bright ideas, and more! We hope you... Read More
February 2017
Power Up // Ten Second - Hundred Miles
  1. Power Up // Ten Second - Hundred Miles
  2. Smash It Up // Facivii - Endless Me
  3. Ultra Modern // Mark Spender - Say Nothing
  4. Toxic Area Destricted // John Doe - The New Moon
  5. Road Star // Ten Second - Hundred Miles