The Unofficial Story

While growing up in a very expressive and enthusiastic family, Rob and Steve were always looking for ways to enjoy life. These ways were never far away. Whether it was dancing on top of the hog barns, running around naked in the pouring rain or pretending to be a musical band and performing at family get-togethers they were seemingly always on cloud nine.

As the years went on their lives took separate turns. Rob turned to a more pop style while Steve went more for the hard rock. This is also an example of how they lived their lives. You could find Rob as he began to mature hanging around your local disco or skating rink.While Steve was more of a regular at your garage party or outdoor festival.This difference in style took the brothers in opposite directions causing them not to see each other for several years.Though not near each other they kept in touch through carrier pigeons and secret codes in song lyrics in each other’s respective band’s songs.For example, once in one of Steve’s interviews with Rolling Stone Magazine, Steve was quoted as saying,”Man,I could use some good old fatback to go with these eggs”.Obviously referring to the times back on the thousand head hog farm where he and Rob would choreograph their dance steps to Osmond Brothers music(their favorite)on top of the barns.Another time Rob stated to a Teen Magazine reporter,”wouldn’t it be nice if it was raining cats and dogs right now?”A dead give away reference to the time he and Steve decided to carouse the streets around their home in the buff while it was coming down in buckets. A joy that can’t be simply understood unless you have experienced it for yourself.

While both brothers had some success neither were completely satisified.Sure the money,women and travel were cool, but nothing seemed to be enough. Rob,as sometimes happens in a pop stars life became addicted to fast food. It was not pretty.He began to put on the pounds. Once while he was supposed to be getting ready for a concert he was nowhere to be found. Hours later he turned up at a Wendy’s so gorged on triples with cheese he could barely stand. Hearing of his brothers plight Steve became concerned and decided to give up his career with Stryper and go to the aid of his fat brother. It was not easy to bring Rob back from the brinks of obesity. The New Kids On the Block kicked him out as backup singer. A sad day for Rob but giving him even more time to eat. Steve eventually found him one day broke and begging outside of a Pizza Hut for breadsticks. Taking his brother back to the home of their mother Steve was able to get Rob cleaned up with diet pills and the opportunity of a new direction in music. As Rob began to trim down to a slim two hundred and eighty pounds he listened as Steve showed him some new music. A combination of harmonies and rhythm that seemed to combine the best of each others strongest qualities.

Life now has a greater meaning for the brothers. Happy with the direction they are heading, everything seems to be coming up daisies for now. Rob knows that he is just a quarter pounder away from being back in the gutter but as of this printing he is staying the course. Steve is enjoying playing music and has found happiness in the arms of his high school sweetheart. How long will this bliss continue,only time and rock and roll will tell.

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